Security and VIP chauffeur – for custom travel requirements

Security and VIP chauffeur – for custom travel requirements

A trusted blend of expertise and quick thinking

Your private AGENCE LUXURY VTC chauffeur is based in Agde, in France, and a member of the SNCTP, a French federation of VIP chauffeurs recognised by the French authorities. SNCTP members include trusted prestige chauffeurs and the most highly-qualified chauffeurs for public officials or private individuals, who accompany French and foreign VIPs daily.

A trusted blend of expertise and quick thinking

AGENCE LUXURY VTC provides VIPs with impeccable transport services in a Mercedes V-Class, a prestige limousine for all your travel needs, with a chauffeur trained in security driving for first-class safety and protection.

Certified training to guarantee a rapid response

This training focuses on vehicle control as well as organising transport and ensuring security. A trained and qualified security chauffeur has total control of their vehicle at all times, whether travelling at slow, average or high speeds. Excelling in forward and reverse manoeuvres, our chauffeur controls his vehicle perfectly to steer you away from risks and any unpredictable road incidents.
Service haut de gamme de transport de personne avec chauffeur privé - Agence Luxury VTC France et Europe

Safe transport and travel provided by experts

Your private chauffeur is fully trained in evasive and defensive driving. Always at the ready, he can switch to high alert in a split second, anticipating any problems and neutralising them where possible. Experienced in close protection transport security, in a convoy or otherwise, your itineraries are carefully planned to minimise all risks. You’ll be expertly protected to ward off any potential attacks. Your chauffeur is fully qualified to use his vehicle as a weapon in a life-threatening scenario.

A safe and fully equipped vehicle

With Agence Luxury VTC, you’re in safe hands inside a vehicle that’s fully equipped and secure. Our vehicles are fitted out with the latest on-board technologies designed to ensure maximum security. That includes in-vehicle radio communication technologies dedicated to the security of VIPs. All these solutions can be incorporated directly into your existing security set-up, whether you are travelling in an official capacity or otherwise. We also adapt seamlessly to pre-defined security protocols.

“We’ll prepare your route meticulously to know where you’re going, when you’ll get there and how to get there safe and sound.”
Yann Lechevestrier
Director & Chauffeur

You can be sure of the best possible service for all your passengers.

Do you have a special request? L’AGENCE LUXURY VTC is at your service to meet all your expectations. L’AGENCE LUXURY VTC is the assurance of travelling and getting away from it all in complete safety. Have a VIP vehicle at your disposal: Mercedes V Class with all options, a 7-seater VTC with air conditioning and all the comforts of home.

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